BAS EN ISO 29481-2:2019

Информациони модели грађења - Приручник за доставу информација - Дио 2: Оквир за интеракцију

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Статус: Важећи
Број страна: 77
Језик: Енглески
Издање: 2.
Метода усвајања: Proglašavanje
Датум објаве: 23.07.2019

ISO 29481-2:2012 specifies a methodology and format for describing ?coordination acts' between actors in a building construction project during all life cycle stages. It therefore specifies a methodology that describes an interaction framework, an appropriate way to map responsibilities and interactions that provides a process context for information flow, a format in which the interaction framework should be specified. ISO 29481-2:2012 is intended to facilitate interoperability between software applications used in the construction process, to promote digital collaboration between actors in the building construction process, and to provide a basis for accurate, reliable, repeatable, and high-quality information exchange.

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Изворни документ и степен усаглашености
  • EN ISO 29481-2:2016, идентичан
  • ISO 29481-2:2012, идентичан

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