Technical committees

Total 68 items.
BAS/TC 1Information technologyActive
BAS/TC 2Welding and allied processesActive
BAS/TC 3Quality management and quality assuranceActive
BAS/TC 4Steel, steel products, non-ferrous metals and alloysActive
BAS/TC 4/WG 2Active
BAS/TC 5TelecommunicationsActive
BAS/TC 6Equipment for explosive atmospheresActive
BAS/TC 6/WG 1Antiexplosion protection in miningActive
BAS/TC 7EnvironmentActive
BAS/TC 8Insulation co-ordination, high-voltage testing and instrument transformersActive
BAS/TC 9Cement, gypsum, lime and other inorganic bonded materialsActive
BAS/TC 10Electrical energy measurement equipment and load controlActive
BAS/TC 11Petroleum and petroleum productsActive
BAS/TC 13Fire protectionActive
BAS/TC 14Personal protective equipmentActive
BAS/TC 15Electromagnetic compatibilityActive
BAS/TC 16Mechanical elementsActive
BAS/TC 17Technical drawings and symbolsActive
BAS/TC 18Power transformers, measuring relays and protective equipmentActive
BAS/TC 19Electrical installations in buildingsActive
BAS/TC 21Concrete and related productsActive
BAS/TC 21/WG 1Development of BAS 1057Dormant
BAS/TC 22Road engineeringActive
BAS/TC 23Medicinal and aromatic plantsActive
BAS/TC 24Non-destructive testing (NDT)Active
BAS/TC 25HealthcareActive
BAS/TC 27MiningActive
BAS/TC 28Explosives for civil usesDormant
BAS/TC 29Means and devices for lifting and carrying goodsActive
BAS/TC 30Electric cablesActive
BAS/TC 30/WG 1Development of BAS 1058Active
BAS/TC 31Gas and gas engineeringActive
BAS/TC 35Road vehiclesActive
BAS/TC 36Architectural constructions, technology and construction management and building physicsActive
BAS/TC 37Fire safety in buildingsActive
BAS/TC 38Metrology and measurementsActive
BAS/TC 39Corrosion protection of materialsActive
BAS/TC 40Machinery and toolsActive
BAS/TC 41Pressure equipment and containersActive
BAS/TC 42Wood and wood productsActive
BAS/TC 43FoodActive
BAS/TC 44Library-information SciencesActive
BAS/TC 45AgricultureActive
BAS/TC 46RailwaysActive
BAS/TC 47Appliances and systems for heating and refrigerationActive
BAS/TC 48Textile, leather, clothing and footwearActive
BAS/TC 49Chemical engineering, laboratory equipment and cosmeticsActive
BAS/TC 50Packaging, plastics and rubberActive
BAS/TC 51AutomationActive
BAS/TC 52Controlgear and switchgear installationActive
BAS/TC 53Fluids and fluids systemsActive
BAS/TC 54Safety of toys, products for children and childcareActive
BAS/TC 55Social responsibilityActive
BAS/TC 56Conventional and alternative sources of electrical energyActive
BAS/TC 57Household and similar electrical appliancesActive
BAS/TC 58Design of construction structures - Eurocode EN 1990, Eurocode 1, Eurocode 7, Eurocode 8 and Eurocode 9Active
BAS/TC 58/WG 5Geotechnics Active
BAS/TC 59Societal Security and ProtectionActive
BAS/TC 60Doors and windowsActive
BAS/TC 61Design of construction structures - Eurocode 2, Eurocode 4 and Eurocode 6Active
BAS/TC 62Design of construction structures - Eurocode 3 and Eurocode 5Active
BAS/TC 63VS1 - General standardizationActive
BAS/TC 64VS2 - Electrotechnical standardizationActive
BAS/TC 65VS3 - Standardization in the field of telecommunicationsActive
BAS/TC 66Reference materialsActive
BAS/AG 1CENDisbanded
BAS/AG 3ETSIDisbanded