Legal basis and competencies

 The Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a state scientific-professional institution, is responsible to:

a) In the field of standardization: propose standardization strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, prepare and publish BiH standards, and represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in international and other inter-state organizations for standardization, as well as to perform tasks arising from international agreements and membership in these organizations, participate in the preparation of technical regulations, develop and establish an information system on standards and other related documents, promulgate BiH standards, organize and conduct specialized training of personnel in the field of standardization and also is engaged in publishing activity in the field of standardization.

b) In the field of conformity assessment: participate in establishing and maintaining a system of certification and homologation in accordance with the European model. Represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in European and international organizations for conformity assessment (EOTC and EUROLAB, etc.) until the establishment of associations of testing and calibration laboratories, and organize education in the area of conformity assessment.