BAS EN ISO 9712: 2021 adopted by translation method

Second edition of the BAS EN ISO 9712: 2021, Non-destructive testing - Qualification and certification of NDT personnel, has been adopted by the translation method through Technical Committee BAS/TC 24, Non-destructive testing.

The original text of this international standard was prepared by the Technical Committee ISO/TC 135, Non-destructive testing, in cooperation with the Technical Committee CEN/TC 138, Non-destructive testing, whose secretariat is held by AFNOR.

BAS EN ISO 9712: 2021 specifies requirements for principles for the qualification and certification of personnel who perform industrial non-destructive testing (NDT).

The system specified in this International Standard can also apply to other NDT methods or to new techniques within an established NDT method provided a comprehensive scheme of certification exists and the method or technique is covered by International, regional or national standards or the new NDT method or technique has been demonstrated to be effective to the satisfaction of the certification body.