BAS EN 1996-1-2:2017

Eurocode 6 - Design of masonry structures - Part 1-2: General rules - Structural fire design

General Information
Status: Published
No. of pages: 83
Language: Bosnian
Edition: 2.
Adoption method: Translation
Publication date: 07.11.2017

(1)P This Part 1-2 of EN 1996 deals with the design of masonry structures for the accidental situation of fire exposure, and is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 1996-1-1, EN 1996-2, 1996-3 and EN 1991-1-2. This part 1-2 only identifies differences from, or supplements to, normal temperature design. (2)P This Part 1-2 deals only with passive methods of fire protection. Active methods are not covered. (3)P This Part 1-2 applies to masonry structures which, for reasons of general fire safety, are required to fulfil certain functions when exposed to fire, in terms of: - avoiding premature collapse of the structure (load bearing function) - limiting fire spread (flames, hot gases, excessive heat) beyond designated areas (separating function) (4)P This Part 1-2 gives principles and application rules for designing structures for specified requirements in respect of the aforementioned functions and levels of performance. (5)P This Part 1-2 applies to structures, or parts of structures, that are within the scope of EN 1996-1-1, EN 1996-2 and EN 1996-3 and are designed accordingly. (6)P This Part 1-2 does not cover masonry built with Natural Stone units to EN771-6 (7)P This Part 1-2 deals with the following: - non-loadbearing internal walls. - non-loadbearing external walls. - loadbearing internal walls with separating or non-separating functions. - loadbearing external walls with separating or non-separating functions.


Original document and degree of correspondence
  • EN 1996-1-2:2005, identical
  • EN 1996-1-2:2005/AC:2010, identical