nsBAS EN 16592:2024

Packaging - Rigid plastic containers - PET finish 29/25 (12,6)

General information
Number of pages:8
Adoption method:Proglašavanje
Realization date:21.03.2024
Forseen date for next stage code:20.05.2024
Technical committee:BAS/TC 50, Packaging, plastics and rubber
55.100, Bottles. Pots. Jars

This document specifies the design and dimensions of the 29 mm screw finish with three (3) thread starts for flat waters and non-carbonated beverages. This document applies to finishes designated as PET finishes 29/25 (12,6). The dimension (12,6) is the height in millimetres from the top of finish to the bottom of the support ledge. This finish can be used for aseptic filling and filling which utilizes nitrogen pressure where the internal overpressure does not exceed 1 bar maximum. This finish is designed to accept only a tamper evident plastic closure, including those with an attachment feature.


Original document and degree of correspondence
EN 16592:2022, identical

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