BAS EN ISO 16757-1:2022

Data structures for electronic product catalogues for building services - Part 1: Concepts, architecture and model

General Information
Status: Published
No. of pages: 39
Language: Serbian, (latin)
Edition: 2.
Adoption method: Translation
Publication date: 23.03.2022

The primary purpose of ISO 16757 is the provision of data structures for electronic product catalogues to transmit building services product data automatically into models of building services software applications. This includes a meta model for the specification of product classes and their properties and a meta model for the product data which is exchanged in product catalogues. Product data has to follow the specifications for their product groups. ISO 16757-1:2015 specifies the underlying concepts, a generic model specifying the available modelling elements and their relationships, and a framework for the specification of the Content Parts by describing the elements which are to be provided by these Parts.


Original document and degree of correspondence
  • EN ISO 16757-1:2019, identical
  • ISO 16757-1:2015, identical

Relation to BAS standards