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Standard referenceStage codeBAS/TCReal dateForseen date for next stage code
prBAS Glasanje o periodičnom preispit. BAS standarda
00.99BAS/TC 2706.04.202206.06.2022
prBAS Glasanje o sistemskom preispit. ISO standarda
00.99BAS/TC 3119.12.201906.04.2022
prBAS Glasanje o sistemskom preispit. ISO standarda:
00.99BAS/TC 3819.10.202101.12.2021
prBAS Glasanje o sistemskom preispit. ISO standarda:
00.99BAS/TC 4311.05.202211.07.2022
prBAS Glasanje operiodičnom preispit. BAS standarda:
00.99BAS/TC 4311.07.202206.07.2022
nsBAS CEN Guide 17:2023
Safety of pressure equipment - Rules and recommendations for the drafting and presentation of safety standards
40.20BAS/TC 923.03.202322.05.2023
nsBAS CEN/TR 16411:2023
Child care articles - Compiled interpretations of CEN/TC 252 standards
40.20BAS/TC 5423.03.202322.05.2023
nsBAS CEN/TR 17172:2023
Validation testing program on chloride penetration and carbonation standardized test methods
40.20BAS/TC 2128.02.202329.04.2023
nsBAS CEN/TR 17741:2023
Guidance for understanding and utilize EN/ISO 29481-1 Building information models - Information delivery manual - Part 1: Methodology and format
40.20BAS/TC 2128.02.202329.04.2023
nsBAS CLC/TR 50727:2023
Material efficiency - Household and similar electrical appliances - Assessment of applicability of EN 4555X
40.20BAS/TC 5728.02.202328.04.2023
nsBAS CLC/TS 50238-3:2023
Railway applications - Compatibility between rolling stock and train detection systems - Part 3: Compatibility with axle counters
40.20BAS/TC 4615.03.202303.05.2023
nsBAS CLC/TS 50677:2023
Clothes washing machines and washer-dryers for household and similar use - Method for the determination of rinsing effectiveness by measurement of the surfactant content at textile materials
40.20BAS/TC 5728.02.202328.04.2023
nsBAS EN 1097-6:2023
Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates - Part 6: Determination of particle density and water absorption
40.20BAS/TC 2128.02.202329.04.2023
nsBAS EN 12012-4+A1:2023
Plastics and rubber machines - Size reduction machines - Part 4: Safety requirements for agglomerators
40.20BAS/TC 5020.03.202319.05.2023
nsBAS EN 12301/Cor 1:2023
Plastics and rubber machines - Calenders - Safety requirements
40.20BAS/TC 5020.03.202319.05.2023
nsBAS EN 12350-1:2023
Testing fresh concrete - Part 1: Sampling and common apparatus
40.20BAS/TC 2126.01.202327.03.2023
nsBAS EN 12350-2:2023
Testing fresh concrete - Part 2: Slump test
40.20BAS/TC 2126.01.202327.03.2023
nsBAS EN 12350-5:2023
Testing fresh concrete - Part 5: Flow table test
40.20BAS/TC 2128.02.202329.04.2023
nsBAS EN 12350-7:2023
Testing fresh concrete - Part 7: Air content - Pressure methods
40.20BAS/TC 2128.02.202329.04.2023
nsBAS EN 12372:2023
Natural stone test methods - Determination of flexural strength under concentrated load
40.20BAS/TC 2128.02.202329.04.2023