BAS EN ISO 12006-3:2023

Građenje - Organiziranje informacija o građevinama - Dio 3: Okvir za objektno orijentirane informacije

Opšte informacije
Status: Važeći
Broj strana: 46
Jezik: Engleski
Izdanje: 6.
Metoda usvajanja: Proglašavanje
Datum objave: 15.05.2023

This document specifies a language-independent information model which can be used for the development of dictionaries used to store or provide information about construction works. The model is extended by instantiating content, such as further objects and their relationships, allowing the content to serve as an ontology, taxonomy, meronomy, lexicon and thesaurus. NOTE 1    Lexicons are resources for comprising lexical entries for a given language NOTE 2    Meronomies are type of hierarchies which deals with part-whole relationships NOTE 3    Ontologies are formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptualizationIt enables classification systems, information models, object models, data templates and process models to be cross-referenced from within a common framework. This document provides the description of an API allowing the interconnection of data dictionaries as described in ISO 23386.

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  • EN ISO 12006-3:2022, identičan
  • ISO 12006-3:2022, identičan

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