BAS EN 1993-4-2:2018

Evrokod 3: Projektovanje čeličnih konstrukcija - Dio 4-2: Rezervoari

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Datum objave: 25.06.2018

(1) Part 4.2 of Eurocode 3 provides principles and application rules for the structural design of vertical cylindrical and rectangular above ground steel tanks for the storage of liquid products with the following characteristics a) characteristic internal pressures above the liquid level not less than −100mbar and not more than 500mbar 1) ; b) design metal temperature in the range of −50ºC to +300ºC. For tanks constructed using austenitic stainless steels, the design metal temperature may be in the range of −165ºC to +300ºC. For fatigue loaded tanks, the temperature should be limited to T < 150ºC; c) maximum design liquid level not higher than the top of the cylindrical and rectangular tank. (2) This Part 4.2 is concerned only with the requirements for resistance and stability of steel tanks. Other design requirements are covered by EN 14015 for ambient temperature tanks and by EN 14620 for cryogenic tanks, and by EN 1090 for fabrication and erection considerations. These other requirements include foundations and settlement, fabrication, erection and testing, functional performance, and details like man-holes, flanges, and filling devices. (3) Provisions concerning the special requirements of seismic design are provided in EN 1998-4 (Eurocode 8 Part 4 “Design of structures for earthquake resistance: Silos, tanks and pipelines”), which complements the provisions of Eurocode 3 specifically for this purpose. (4) The design of a supporting structure for a tank is dealt with in EN 1993-1-1. (5) The design of an aluminium roof structure on a steel tank is dealt with in EN 1999-1-5. (6) Foundations in reinforced concrete for steel tanks are dealt with in EN 1992 and EN 1997. (7) Numerical values of the specific actions on steel tanks to be taken into account in the design are given in EN 1991-4 "Actions on Silos and Tanks". Additional provisions for tank actions are given in annex A to this Part 4.2 of Eurocode 3. (8) This Part 4.2 does not cover: −floating roofs and floating cover −resistance to fire (refer to EN 1993-1-2). (9) The circular planform tanks covered by this standard are restricted to axisymmetric structures, though they can be subject to unsymmetrical actions, and can be unsymmetrically supported.

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