BAS EN 1999-1-1:2018

Eurokod 9: Projektiranje aluminijskih konstrukcija – Dio 1-1: Opća pravila

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Status: Važeći
Broj strana: 216
Jezik: Hrvatski
Izdanje: 2.
Metoda usvajanja: Prijevod
Datum objave: 28.06.2018

(1) EN 1999-1-1 gives basic design rules for structures made of wrought aluminium alloys and limited guidance for cast alloys (see section 3). NOTE Minimum material thickness may be defined in the National Annex. The following limits are recommended – if not otherwise explicitly stated in this standard: - components with material thickness not less than 0,6 mm; - welded components with material thickness not less than 1,5 mm; - connections with: o steel bolts and pins with diameter not less than 5 mm; o aluminium bolts and pins with diameter not less than 8 mm; o rivets and thread forming screws with diameter not less than 4,2 mm (2) The following subjects are dealt with in EN 1999-1-1: Section 1: General Section 2: Basis of design Section 3: Materials Section 4: Durability Section 5: Structural analysis Section 6: Ultimate limit states for members Section 7: Serviceability limit states Section 8: Design of joints Annex A Execution classes Annex B Equivalent T-stub in tension Annex C Materials selection Annex D Corrosion and surface protection Annex E Analytical models for stress strain relationship Annex F Behaviour of cross section beyond elastic limit Annex G Rotation capacity Annex H Plastic hinge method for continuous beams Annex I Lateral torsional buckling of beams and torsional or flexural-torsional buckling of compression members Annex J Properties of cross sections Annex K Shear lag effects in member design Annex L Classification of connections Annex M Adhesive bonded connections (3) Sections 1 to 2 provide additional clauses to those given in EN 1990 “Basis of structural design”. (4) Section 3 deals with material properties of products made of structural aluminium alloys. (5) Section 4 gives general rules for durability. (6) Section 5 refers to the structural analysis of structures, in which the members can be modelled with sufficient accuracy as line elements for global analysis. (7) Section 6 gives detailed rules for the design of cross sections and members. (8) Section 7 gives rules for serviceability. (9) Section 8 gives detail rules for connections subject to static loading: bolted, riveted, welded and adhesive bonded connections.

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