BAS EN 1997-1:2017

Eurokod 7: Geotehničko projektiranje – Dio 1: Opća pravila

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Status: Važeći
Broj strana: 159
Jezik: Hrvatski
Izdanje: 2.
Metoda usvajanja: Prijevod
Datum objave: 04.12.2017

(1) EN 1997-1 is intended to be used as a general basis for the geotechnical aspects of the design of buildings and civil engineering works. (2) The following subjects are dealt with in EN 1997-1: Section 1: General Section 2: Basis of geotechnical design Section 3: Geotechnical data Section 4: Supervision of construction, monitoring and maintenance Section 5: Fill, dewatering, ground improvement and reinforcement Section 6: Spread foundations Section 7: Pile foundations Section 8: Anchorages Section 9: Retaining structures Section 10: Hydraulic failure Section 11: Overall stability Section 12: Embankments (3) EN 1997-1 is accompanied by Annexes A to J, which provide: - in A: recommended partial safety factor values; different values of the partial factors may be set by the National annex; - in B to J: supplementary informative guidance such as internationally applied calculation methods.

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